Back to School

I can’t believe all my students are going back to school! Most start this week, and the rest early next week. Also weird – I am not going back to Union! So many things have changed.. But, I have really felt the Lord’s presence strongly in the last few weeks. He has been present in my personal life, in my conversations with girls, in our church, and so many other ways. The Lord has been so faithful to carry me through this transition. It’s been hard, fun, crazy, lonely, fulfilling, wonderful, scary and so many other things all at once. Woooooo.

This weekend we promote – our weekend event is called 1Up! It’s a great time for the students to spend time together as Sunday school classes as they prepare for the next school year and a new year in Sunday school.

My mom is coming really soon! YAY!

Things to pray for:

::Promotion weekend – smooth transitions, good bonding, meaningful fellowship.

::Core Groups – this is our small group discipleship. We kick it off the weekend after Labor Day. We are currently in the process of matching students and leaders, and groups, and puzzles, and madness, and AHHH!

::I am praying for good, close, godly friends. Friends that are my age and my stage of life… pray with me??

I love my girls, my church, and i love you! I would love you more if you commented, though.


About theshadyladies

I recently moved to Birmingham to do high school girls ministry. I love sports, especially Kansas. I love to travel and pray for the opportunity to do it more! I am originally from Kansas City, but Jackson, Tennessee stole my heart. I love to sleep and to read. I am completely in love with the Gospel and the One whose story it tells. My mom is my best friend. I absolutely love my job and the girls with whom I spend my days!
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3 Responses to Back to School

  1. Kay says:

    Can’t imagine you without good Godly girlfriends! You will make friends and they will be special friends who will love you and pray for you … just as your “old” friends do back in Kansas City. You rock! Love you, msK

  2. Kari says:

    I am praying for great friends for you!! I don’t think it will be too hard to like you. 🙂 Love your blog!

  3. Alesha says:

    I love you KDutt! Keep being great! Your wisdom has always been something I’ve looked up to…..even if you think I’m grandma! 🙂 Love you girl!

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